Our Story

The Tri-State Community Choir was born of a desire to connect and enrich the Tri-State community through music.  Laura Grace Holmes, Steve Mashburn, and Debbie Yurevich partnered together in 2018 to bring the vision to reality.  Forty-two voices attended the first choir rehearsal held the same night as the January 2019 National Championship Football Game! Two months after the first rehearsal, 80 voices were ready for their premier performance of Dan Forrest's Jubilate Deo.

Producing and performing this work, along with the rehearsals, will be for the effort of bringing unity, healing, and h ope to a nation and world under constant attach from media and opinions.  This work is a celebration of languages and cultures using the unifying language of music.

The performance was met with great success, and .....blah blah blah

This non-auditioned choir is open to those living in Southeast Alabama, Southwest Georgia, and Northwest Florida.  Currently, 15 communities are represented.  Because music is a language that unites, choir members are multi-everything:  culture, religion, ethnicities, ages, political preferences, professions, and personal backgrounds. 

Our choir members are as important as the musical performance we gift to the community.  




Community connecting - World connecting.


Connecting with people across the street when you thought you'd never have anything in common.

All this work is really not for the audience in the performance but for the singers, in the process.


Trust the process.

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